Case Studies

All restaurants are different, and they each have specific needs based on pricepoint, location, customer flow, quality, management style, and many other factors as well.

Take a look below to see just a small sample of how we’ve helped other restaurants and businesses in the food industry as well as some examples of how we can help you! Note, the restaurant names have been changed in order to protect our clients’ privacy by eliminating annoying phone calls and inquiries to their restaurants, primarily from our competition as well as their own competition.

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John’s Restaurant, Passaic County, NJ

We saved John $1,500 a month on marketing costs just by eliminating print-ads and coupons. We replaced them with an instant text-message marketing and email campaign that costs him a fraction of what he used to spend. His new marketing system enables him to measure his marketing ROI, and his customers absolutely love it!

Bobby’s Restaurant, Bergen County, NJ

Bobby’ restaurant is one of Bergen County’s top weekend hot spots. It’s big and bustling on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, but it tended to be on the quiet side earlier in the week and during lunch. We were able to change all that with one little campaign we call “Table Tent Secrets”. Now, Bobby’s restaurant fills up in a matter of one or two hours, whenever he’d like it to, with a simple press of a button.

Fred’s Restaurants, Bergen County, NJ and New York City, NY

Fred’s restaurant is a well-known, well-publicized Bergen County “up and comer”. People who read about this restaurant literally line up at the door to get a taste of their authentic Italian specialty foods. The problem, though, is that word of mouth wasn’t helping Fred when people were trying to find his restaurant on the internet. Although they had a beautiful website, it was as useful as a billboard in the desert, because it was built in such a way that the search engines couldn’t find it, and neither could his customers.

We successfully duplicated the beauty of the original site, and took it from almost no visitors to literally thousands in a matter of 45 days.

When Fred opened his next restaurant in New York City in 2012, we were ready with another website that is just as beautiful and just as easy to find as the first. Now, when people hear their friends talking about either one of Fred’s restaurants, they can find information about it no matter where they look or how they search.

Tom’s Restaurant, Fairfield County, CT

Tom’s restaurant is a local favorite and continues to stand strong while every other restaurant in the area fails for one reason or another. What Tom’s come to realize, however, is that his catering business and special events are what is keeping the restaurant afloat. Day after day, the vast dining rooms in the restaurant sit empty for lunch, and dinner time is similarly empty on three or four nights every week.

A series of marketing campaigns not only increased the flow of traffic through the restaurant for both lunch and dinner, but also attracted a larger late-night bar crowd, and leveraged the power of social media and smart-phones to attract Tom’s ideal customers and turn them into frequent restaurant guests.

Tony’s Restaurant, Fairfield County, CT

Tony has one of the most popular restaurants in Fairfield County, Connecticut. So popular, that people drive to Tony’s restaurant from up to an hour or more away. The problem, though, is that modern technology wasn’t serving Tony well when these drivers would look for directions to his restaurant on their smart-phones. Although Tony had a lovely website, it wasn’t suitable for the smart-phones, and people were getting lost and, as a result, getting very annoyed.

We were able to successfully transform the ‘searching on a smart-phone’ experience for Tony’s guests by building him a beautiful mobile site that knows when it’s being search for via smart-phone. It not only provides state-of-the-art driving directions, but also allows people to call Tony’s restaurant with the simple press of a button, right from the site.

Now, Tony’s guests arrive on time and happy, and ready for a memorable dining experience.

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