Check-in Campaign Management

You appreciate and value your best customers.  This is a perfect way to show your appreciation, while leveraging happy customers to draw new business into your restaurant!

Check-in campaigns are very important to your restaurant’s traffic, and when done correctly, you will Restaurant Check-in Campaignsexperience consistent growth.  With us managing these campaigns for you, you’ll leverage your very best customers — the ones who love your restaurant and sing your praises!  You’ll reward them for their strong word-of-mouth advertising of your food and your service, spreading the word via their social media channels like Twitter and Facebook!

Our training program teaches you everything you need to know and do in order to market your restaurant successfully. Even so, not everyone has the time to implement a campaign or send out a special offer or put technology into place. That’s where our “Done For You” Services come in.

All of our clients receive first-class personalized Account Management from our team of well-trained, Restaurant Marketing Experts.  Someone is always available to you to answer questions and address concerns.  Each month,we’ll generate a detailed report explaining what’s been done for you, reflecting your progress, providing you with well-informed recommendations, and giving you the ability to track your marketing ROI.

The table below gives you a broad idea of what you can accomplish using our Check-in Campaign Management Services.  If you’re already a member of our program, we’ll take that into consideration and apply your membership investment to the price of this service.  Just let us know.


(One-time set-up fee: $497)
You'll Get:
Instant customer attraction and recognition via customized Foursquare, Yelp!, Yelp Deals, Facebook Deals, Facebook Places, and Google+Local accounts*
Creative and powerful special offers and marketing messages designed to attract customers into your restaurant (and away from your competition!)*
Coordination and management of all of your offers and messages, including full integration and streamlining across each channel of communication*
Your Social Media channels also will reflect your special offers and marketing messages*
Creative ideas for, and management of, rewards and bonuses for customers who tell their friends about their visits to your restaurant*
Ongoing online announcements on each channel about your restaurant’s special events and offers
Full monitoring and appropriate responses made to all comments generated on these channels
           * Denotes included in set-up.
- You're easily discovered by & connected with people in your neighborhood using the most popular smartphone apps
- Customers are engaged and motivated to visit you AND return often
- Customers' friends see their activity and become aware of and curious about your restaurant
- Prospective customers are attracted to you, and away from your competition
- Maximizes your exposure across multiple channels / websites. Check-ins appear on Facebook and Twitter, too
- Customers feel appreciated and valued
- Greatest low-cost, effective way to kick-start effective ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising and marketing for your restaurant

Order Set-up for Check-In Campaign Management Services! One-time set-up fee: $497
(Ongoing management services are available separately for $300/mo)

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