List Building Campaign Management

“Every restaurant has slow days and slow nights.”  We hear it all the time, but it’s simply not true!  List Building CampaignThe restaurants that are consistently filled all week are those who communicate the best with their customers.  That’s where list-building campaigns come in.

With our skillful list-building campaigns, you will never have to worry about slow days and slow nights again. With our campaigns, you’ll first build a list of your very best customers — the ones who love your restaurant and sing your praises!  You’ll then reward them for their patronage and their strong word-of-mouth advertising of your food and your service.  Our campaigns grow your list, adding new customers with the same likes and tastes as your existing customers.  Then, whenever you’d like and whenever you need to, we’ll have your restaurant FULL of these ideal customers almost instantly, via the simple press of a button.

Our training program teaches you everything you need to know and do in order to market your restaurant successfully. Even so, not everyone has the time to implement a campaign or send out a special offer or put technology into place. That’s where our “Done For You” Services come in.  You run your business, we’ll take care of filling your restaurant!

All of our clients receive first-class personalized Account Management from our team of well-trained, Restaurant Marketing Experts.  Someone is always available to you to answer questions and address concerns.  Each month,we’ll generate a detailed report explaining what’s been done for you, reflecting your progress, providing you with well-informed recommendations, and giving you the ability to track your marketing ROI.

The table below gives you a broad idea of what you can accomplish using our List-Building Campaigns.  If you’re already a member of our program, we’ll take that into consideration and apply your membership investment to the price of this service.  Just let us know.

(One time set-up fee: $597)
You'll Get:
Open lines of effective communication with your customers via Email, SMS Text-messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media accounts*
Creative and powerful offers and specials designed so that your customers simply cannot refuse them *
A customized campaign that attracts your most ideal customers and has them sharing their contact information with you ... and your contact information with their friends and family*
Everything done for you! No more worrying about graphics, posters, postcards, QR Codes, scripts, staff training materials and other media associated with promotional campaigns*
Training on how to manage the campaign, how to continue to build your list, best practices, best tools, and how to measure and improve your results*
Ongoing management of new campaigns that continue to grow your list of customers
Ongoing instant and effective Specials and Offers created and communicated via emails and text messages, attracting your best customers on slow days and slow nights, building your restaurant's traffic and reinforcing your relationships with them
All contact information (leads) belong to you
      * Included in set-up.
- A tremendous increase in your customer base
- An increase in traffic through your restaurant
- A list of your best customers who you can communicate with directly
- A list of your best customers who you will build a relationship with
- Your offers and coupons in your customers’ hands at the press of a button
- You control the traffic in and out of your restaurant at will
- Customers feel more appreciated, and will appreciate you more as well

Order Set-up for a List-Building Campaign! One-time set-up fee: $597
(Ongoing campaign management services are available for $300/mo)

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