Social Media Management

It’s important to stay “Top of Mind” with your customers, and when Social Media is done right, you’ll Social Media Management for Restaurantsappear more frequently to your customers, keeping you on top of their minds.  When they are hungry, they’ll think of you right away.

Now more than ever it’s important to have a presence wherever your best customers are looking for a restaurant.  Not only that, customers have got to know you, like you, and trust that you care about them and value them as customers.  Social Media is the fastest, easiest way to accomplish that.

Our training program teaches you everything you need to know and do in order to market your restaurant successfully. Even so, not everyone has the time to implement a campaign or send out a special offer or put technology into place. That’s where our “Done For You” Services come in.

All of our clients receive first-class personalized Account Management from our team of well-trained, Restaurant Marketing Experts.  Someone is always available to you to answer questions and address concerns.  Each month,we’ll generate a detailed report explaining what’s been done for you, reflecting your progress, providing you with well-informed recommendations, and giving you the ability to track your marketing ROI.

The table below gives you a broad idea of what you can accomplish using our Social Media Management Services.  If you’re already a member of our program, we’ll take that into consideration and apply your membership investment to the price of this service.  Just let us know.

(One-time Set up Fee: $997)
You'll Get:
Customized and very attractive Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+Local channels created for your restaurant*
Full Integration across each channel so that all messaging aligns congruently*
Instructions and direction on how best to utilize each system, how to build incrementally, best practices, best tools, how to measure and increase your results*
Interesting and attractive content created and posted on all social mediums (min. 3 times per week)
'On-demand' content created and posted per your request, whenever necessary
       * Included in set-up.
- You appear more frequently and favorably to your best customers
- A stronger presence on the most popular social media channels, staying 'top-of-mind' when it's most important
- Better relationships with your customers - they'll get to know you better, and will like you more
- You'll meet your customers on THEIR terms, where they are, and how they'd like
- No worrying about what works and what’s hot in Social Media. We do it all for you, keeping you ahead of your competition

Order Set-up for Social Media Management! One-time set-up fee: $997
(Ongoing Management Services Available for $500/mo)

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